MURASH GAMING is a e-sports team founded by Japanese streamer Junichi Kato (UnkoChan).

It was founded in November 2022 and officially began its activities in January 2023.
There are 8 members in the VALORANT division and 4 players in the Super Smash Bros. division.

We are a group of strong and resilient members with scars on our shins, and we are aiming for the world.


For the free nature of the activity, the owner does not accept sponsors.

The owner will finance their activities with their own bodies, horse racing, and apparel.



The rights to establish Murash Gaming were purchased at Junichi Kato’s TWICH “I’m Junichi Kato” for 9.98 million NaoCoins.


The first round, an email selection process, was held at the “Murash Gaming Inaugural Broadcast”.


Because October 30 was too sensitive, the establishment was set for November 1.


A second round of telephone screening was held at the “Murash Gaming Telephone Screening Broadcast.”


Candidates for the Smash Bros., Pokémon, and Valorant divisions gathered at the Murash Gaming General Meeting for a face-off and competitive judging session.


Official members were announced at the “Murash Gaming Acceptance/Rejection Announcement Streaming”.


Street Fighter 6 divisions are established.

About this Website

This website is non-official.

The purpose of this website is to publicize Murash Gaming’s activities and consolidate information, and will be updated as needed.

We will revise the content of the site as necessary as soon as we receive your comments and suggestions.

We are a non-profit organization and do not generate any revenue from advertising or any other form of revenue from the operation of this site.