VALO Division Emergency Meeting Executive Summary – MURASH GAMING VALORANT Division –

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1 :About Late

Junichi Kato

There can be a period of relaxation after the big official competitions are over.

But you can’t switch, and you can’t sleep in and be late for a tournament.


We are human beings and we may oversleep, but being late for important things like conventions is unacceptable.

This difference in motivation with the same treatment is unacceptable.

We had discussed the goals and awareness we should have beforehand.


I was late to the convention due to sickness.

I did not tell them I was sick.

I have a history of attempted tardiness in the past (just in time).

I am remorseful and motivated.


Tardiness at practice is still forgivable.

Tardiness at a tournament is a different kind of blunder and lowers the player’s reputation.


I’m not so much motivated, I want them to show it in their attitude and results.


I don’t see much change in the atmosphere of the team during practice from the time of the tournament.

Junichi Kato

Murash Gaming provides a good environment.

No good if you can’t stay motivated in this environment.

It’s no good if you don’t report back to us.

One of the team’s challenges was the lack of reporting and communication (not directly involved in the play, but having an impact).

2:Current State of the Team


The team practiced for about 10 days without million, Tonbo, for a community tournament in early May.

So, I couldn’t see any motivation in Natsu and Joko.

For example, their attitude at practice, their opinions at the post-scrim review session, and their repetition of the same mistakes.

That would lower the quality of our practice as a team.
Therefore, Natsu and Joko are not participating in practice right now.


Currently, I study from scrim videos and practice to cover my weaknesses in the ranks.


Currently, I’m preparing to go back to college.

Feeling is 50/50 between VALORANT and University.

Junichi Kato

Academics are important.

We respect your wishes, but we also ask that you consult with members and parents before making a decision.


Currently, as in the past, I maintain a high level of motivation regardless of whether or not there is a competition.

Realize that they are getting better at what they do.


Appreciates Reo’s high level of motivatio.

His ability was also low, but I feel he is growing.

Junichi Kato

Top players practice about 17 hours a day.

If the top players are doing that much, we can’t catch up with them if we are losing in motivation.

I want the best motivation in the world, not just for MRG, but for you.

It was revealed that Natsu and Joko were not participating in the practice.

3:About the two who are not currently participating in team practice


It’s currently confirmed that he won’t be able to play in a match at MRG.

If they were serious, they would want to transfer to another team to be the main member, but I can’t even see that happening.

Remove the two and bring in someone stronger than Tonbo or million to fire up the whole team.


As a matter of fact, I can’t say anything about it because I didn’t get any results at the community convention.

Junichi Kato

I want them to be willing to bite the bullet at all costs.


Before I joined MRG, I wanted to do my best as a coach of any team I was on.

Now, with shoushi’s help, I am able to contribute to the team.

I want them to have the same hungry spirit to hang on to any team and opportunity as I did at that time.


Natsu and Joko are currently unnecessary as players.

If they don’t become one of the best, they won’t be allowed on the team no matter what.

If they are objectively judged as not practicing in the current team environment, their value as players will not be recognized.

If you want to continue as a player, I suggest you move to another team.

Junichi Kato

Frankly, two of them are not at a level where they would get paid if they were transferred.


If there is a place that accepts my ability, I would consider transferring and continuing to be a player.

However, it is difficult with my current strength.


Even if Natsu were as good as me, it would be difficult for him to pass the tryouts (as the whole ValoPro team’s environment).

If you can’t show your ability in MRG’s environment, you should quit the profession.

I don’t dislike anyone as a human being, but I don’t accept them as a professional.


If I can’t compete professionally, I want to concentrate on my studies.

Junichi Kato

It’s not a good idea to put off making a decision.

Academics are important, but I respect his feelings.

I appreciate what Joko has done so far.

Junichi Kato

Feeling sorry is not enough to be realistic.

As an owner, I want to work with you, but I need enough change to convince others.

I can’t do it with you if the team doesn’t approve.


I spent my bench time with Natsu.
We shared the sense of frustration, the sense of being on the bottom of the ladder, and so on.

I didn’t feel it during the practice period of the community tournament.


I’m not good at showing my motivation to others.

I want to show it with results, but I couldn’t do it.

Junichi Kato

I decide if I’m fired or not.

I want to give you a chance.

Joko decided to consult with him and decide whether to focus on her studies or Valo. (Joko chose to concentrate on her studies. Thank you for your hard work.)

Natsu was given another chance.

4:Wanted New Member Candidates

Junichi Kato

Recruit potential new members.

If you can’t motivate yourself to win this, you should stop.

Recruit people who are capable of Tonbo and million or more.


I’ve been prepared for that.

I’m going to do my best.

Junichi Kato

Reo might get an even stronger person to come and be in charge of buying Icos, is that ok?


You can work harder that way.

Junichi Kato

I found that my team lacked a sense of danger.

The world is full of strong people.

We could all be fired (this is a problem for the whole team).


We are structuring a practice that will not be affected with or without the addition of members.

I have told Reo, Koke, and Biju to “really work on this for the next month or two with the possibility of changes”.

We would like to try out a non-traditional tryout method that can also be used for streaming material.


I’d also like to see Tonbo and million+ new member candidates vs. the very strong teams.

Junichi Kato

Sounds interesting.

I’d like to try that too!

Junichi Kato

I’m reminded that we are a bunch of troublemakers.

I hope Tonbo and million are willing to die for it too.

Please recognize that we are able to work thanks to Boutique Junichi (viewers bought the hoodies).


Challenges such as differences in motivation and perception existed in Murash Gaming’s VALORANT division.

Murash Gaming’s current members are practicing to the best of their ability, but the team as a whole is not tight.

Therefore, it is necessary to recruit new members at a level that involves the entire team and increases the team’s strength and motivation.

Supplement: About the Smash Bros. Division

Junichi Kato

They’re working incredibly hard.
They’re growing in ability.

My sister is training me mentally as an athlete.

I’d like to have a debriefing for the Smash Bros. division at a later date.

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