Further information on the VALORANT Division – MURASH GAMING VALORANT Division –

Internal Affairs

The internal situation, which has been said to be sensitive for some time, has been clarified.

Based on previous competitions and scrims, we are now in a situation where we are working on a 5-member team of million, Tonbo, biju, Reo, and KOKE.

The coaches have decided that Natsu and Joko cannot participate in team practices based on their current motivation, mindset, and abilities. Also, as teammates, they need to have the same or better motivation, ability, and growth potential, or the attitude to show it.

Natsu has not been able to show his motivation and value to the rest of the team, while Joko is torn between her studies and her professional career.

Reorganization of Members

Based on the above, the owner has decided to recruit new member candidates who have the ability.

Detailed recruitment details and conditions will be announced at a later date.

This will provide a sense of urgency to the current and prospective bench members and encourage their growth, while at the same time adding stronger members to the team, which we hope will be a good stimulus to the current team leaders, such as million and Tonbo.


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