VALORANT Division New Members Wanted! – MURASH GAMING VALORANT Division –

Murash Gaming’s Vallorant Division Wants New Members

Application Requirements

  • Duelist preferred
  • No history of cheat use
  • No criminal record
  • Previous history of being a player in the competitive scene or previous season radiant

Supplemental Application Requirements

  • Nationality
    • No restrictions announced at this time
  • Japanese language skills
    • No restrictions announced at this time
    • However, it is considered better if you can understand or are motivated to learn Japanese to some extent
  • 年齢
    • No restrictions announced at this time
    • Based on past applications, it is believed that applicants must be 18 years of age or older (no high school students).
    • The owner believes that academics are important. It is believed that careful consultation with parents and others is required
  • If you are currently a member of a professional team
    • Owners tend not to have a good feeling about the pullout
    • It is expected that you will be required to be able to prove this after consultation and agreement with team members, management, parents, etc.
    • You should think carefully about what you will do if you are hired and what you will do if you are not hired
  • Problematic behavior around SNS
    • Owners tend to prefer somewhat thorny
    • However, underage lewdness is especially prohibited
      • Owners tend to tolerate adultery, cheating, two-timing, honey traps, etc.
  • Team members and team atmosphere may differ from others

Conditions Considered to be Required

  • Strong Duelist
  • Overwhelming strength (regardless of roll)
  • High IGL capability
  • High motivation/motivation
  • Mental strength
  • Moodmaker ability
  • MRG comprehension

About Murash Gaming’s VALORANT Division

Current Status,

  • million
  • Tonbo
  • biju
  • KOKE
  • Reo
  • ate(coach)
  • shoushi(coach)

These 7 members practice together.

million is the team leader and plays a central role in the team with Tonbo.

Since the owner is a streamer and his/her support group is also his/her audience, he/she may be noticed not only for his/her gaming skills but also as a streamer.

MRG’s goal is to be the top team in Japan, the top team in the Pacific, and the top team in the world.


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