Uemeki’s second TOP 1 – MURASH GAMING Super Smash Bros. Division –

Uemeki won the 113-player tournament, The first place in the “Ruyubura! #1″

Umeki, a member of the Smash Bros. division, won first place for the second time since joining Murash Gaming.

This is the first time since WINNER! -NEXT#3- on March 19 that he has won first place.

This is also the first time since the establishment of Murash Gaming that more than 100 players have won the first place.

Smash Bros. Division Upcoming

There are several large conventions scheduled to be held in the near future.

  • Apr. 8『KOWLOON(512人規模)』
  • Apr. 15『tamasuma kyokkan(256人規模)』
  • Apr. 22『WAVE(384人規模)』
  • Apr. 30『MAESUMA TOP(512人規模?)』
  • May. 6,7『Kagaribi(1536人規模?)』

There may also be an event held by Murash Gaming.


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